"Top" and "Bottom" rank description have been inverted

With the introduction of the new Season (I just noticed this thing in these last few days, the stats displaying “top - bottom” for ranks have been reversed (see picture).
I made a comparison between two MMRs on the same playlist to let you understand.

The first rank (C2) should be “Top 19%” instead of “Bottom 19%”, while the second one (D1) should be “Bottom 49%” insteal of “Top 49%”.

Again, this happened just 3-4 days ago, previously it wasn’t mistaken at all.

Also in Wins and Shots stats, the Top/Bottom is inverted (it’s fine in Goal Shot Ratio instead, where higher-level players have a lower G/S ratio).

(See picture in next comment since I can only post one per post).

Picture for Wins and Shots stats, with Top/Bottom mistakenly inverted.

Thanks for the report! Pushed a fix for this. Let me know if you see any other issues. @Brsk79

Hi @xorth, I just noticed that the tiny number expressing the delta from the start of the session is not displayed anymore.

The live tracker used to indicate how much somebody earned/lost in MMR since the start of the “session” (days, weeks, or months earlier).

To let you understand, I copy-paste an old screenshot made on a friend’s profile, underlining in red the number I’m referring to.

I just reset the session with the start of the new season but I can’t see this value in any of my teammates ranks, neither on mine.

Thank you.

Hi @Brsk79,

Could you remove a player and add him/her to the live tracker again? I tried it today and it worked well for me.

If it does not help, please let us know.

Hi @LostBlood,

I have removed the players from my live tracker and added them back and it came back to worki once again, thank you.

I removed them a couple of days ago and re-added back so maybe that could be the cause (or maybe not), but for sure I didn’t think it would also be the solution. ^^

Hi @LostBlood , I think today you published a new update and it looks like the issue is still present but not for all players and not for all playlists.

This is a screen of a friend of mine and only Duels playlist is reporting the correct “Top 2,8%”, all other playlists are inverted (bottom instead of top).


Same can be said for his statistics, but all of them are inverted (I can’t add more the one screenshot per message, I will send it to you only in case you need it).

This happens only on him and a few more other contacts of mine.
I also tried removing-readding as per the suggestion you gave me the last time. :slight_smile:

I just noticed that his reward level too, is inverted in top/bottom, not only his statistics.


Hi @Brsk79,

Could you give us a link to this profile please?

Hi, sure!

It appears to have been inverted also for the Duels playlist, today.

@Brsk79 this doesnt appear to be happening anymore. If it does, please @xorth here and flag me down, thanks!

Hi @xorth , the player changed their nickname (I don’t know if this factor could be related to the actual situation) and it appears that the issue showed up once again, still affecting their playlists’ ranks, reward level and stats.

I also flagged you as you requested.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

The nickname of Steam users would not affect it. This is what we currently see in this profile:

Could you tell me please if the issue is still present?

Hi @LostBlood , the profile now looks fine once again. Thank you!

Uhmm… Guys sorry I don’t wanna bother you, but…
He changed nickname once again and his profile bugged once again. ^^

@LostBlood @xorth

Just reporting it. :slight_smile:

I think it just takes some time to refresh the leaderboard after changing nicknames. Could you check his profile again please?