Tracker does not count creative Wins

Hello, as I said in the title, the tracker does not detect when I am in the final and win if it is a creative round which distorts the stats. I don’t know if it’s because the creatives rounds aren’t named but if it is that, here are their name :
RACE : -Airborne Antics ; -Scythes and Roundabouts ; -Uphill Struggle ; -Gentle Gauntlet ; -Data Streams ; -Runner Beans ; -Upload Heights ; -Cube Corruption ; -Fan Flingers ; -Spinner Sprint ; -Wham Bam Boom ; -Shortcut Links ; -Lane Changers ; -Digi Trek ; -Gigabyte Gauntlet ; -Beans Ahoy! ;
FINAL : -Parkour Panic ; -Square Up ; -Firewall Finale ; -Slide Showdown
Thanks for reading my message and thanks in advance :slight_smile: .
Kind ragards, EnoGame
PS : Here is the file of the Tracker (143.1 KB)