Tracker Doesn't Pull Up My Profile

The site doesn’t pull up my profile when I search for my ubisoft username. It does find my old Playstation Network [A_PersonOnTheNet] account just fine and pull up my legacy stats on there, though.

Whenever my friends or I try to search for my PC profile though, it gives an issue saying that the UBI API is down but this can’t be true considering my profile is the only one we can’t pull up and look at.

My Ubisoft Connect username is: Shianne_EB
Legacy usernames include [to the best of my memory]: CreeperGav, APersonOnTheNet, CheyOnTheNet, CheyOnTheWeb OR APersonOnTheWeb. I would really appreciate it if this could get fixed in some way; as I’ve recently (within the past month) gotten back into the game and want to track my stats as I play with my friends.