CORS Error

An error occurs when trying to create an overlay for Fortnite (

Hi @temandroid,

Thank you for your report. I have just tried to reproduce the issue but none of the API requests were blocked by the CORS policy in my tests. Can you still reproduce it? If so, are you using any browser extensions that may cause the error?

Thanks for the answer,
I try in Brave, Chrome, Firefox without extensions…

I’m connecting from
I also try from other PCs, from networks,,

I tried changing DNS servers, tried to make static records for and (,,, - nothing changed…
And still doesn’t work

Maybe this is due to country restrictions?

Any updates here?

We are currently looking for a solution. This issue is related to the automatic blocking of suspicious requests from Russia by a third-party system.

Thanks for the answer!
Today Overwolf Fortnite Tracker is finally working, I hope you will find a solution for the overlay too :slight_smile:

Do you have any updates?

Not yet, sorry. Is it possible for you to configure a VPN connection to overcome this issue as a possible solution?

I have VPN to Netherlands, but blocking me, because I’m using VPN :slight_smile: