not detecting valorant account

I’ve tried everything, yes the Player tagline # is the same in game and in tracker, yet i get an error saying my profile is not public, then i sign in to make it public with riot ID, and now the error is either player has not played valorant or could not find player, Idk why it’s so difficult to link these accounts, i’ve been at it for an hour, trying signing out everywhere and starting over, or linking riot ID first, etc. surely i’m missing something it cannot be this difficult

Hi @Photonpnk,

Do you have several accounts in Valorant? PhotonPnk#1001 is currently linked to your Tracker Network account, is this the correct one?

sorry for the late reply I gave up, anyway, trying again, and no, i do not have multiple accounts, the 1001 ID was a previous id, after i changed nickname to my current one PhotonPnk, it also changed my riot id to #5747
Still cannot track account to be clear

Could you please update your Riot Games username on this page?

It should resolve the issue for you.