Tracker is tracking 2 accounts?

I originally played on a level 128 Acc, unlinked it from my psn account. Made a new ubisoft account and linked it to my psn account.
For some reason, When I track my PSN it still tracks the old stats and my new account stats as well

I’m having similar issues, it seems that the site tends to get buggy whenever 2 different accounts are being tracked. I’m wonder if the best solution may be to unlink the accounts but unfortunately that means losing all progress + having to repurchase the game etc. I’m waiting on a response from them to see what the next best course of action is.

Hi, are you expecting your PSN stats to be affected when you link it to a new Ubisoft account? The only stats that might change are “level” and “hs%”.

If you want me to look into this, I need a much clearer explanation and all the account names (ubi and PSN names) in question.

@BALK0TH same goes for you^.

a new psn and ubi would fix it but i already grinded to level 50 im not doing all that over again