Tracker Not Finding My Profile

My username is tz84. I shouldn’t have to create an account for my stats to be seen. I’ve have multiple accounts before and I never needed to login to see their stats.

Hi @test1123321,

Please specify your current platform (Steam, Epic Games, Xbox or PlayStation).

Strange. I edited it to say the platform and it’s not showing. But it’s Epic Games.

Any fix? Problem still not solved.

Bumping again. Not fixed.

Bumping again. Not fixed.

Hello, tracker find my profile but I’m not showing in the country leaderboard?? Why is that?? And I have 2 ACC one in steam and other in Ubi, only could add the one in steam why?? Can you guys fix this? I’m on PC btw. Tks

@Post @LostBlood

Bumping again. Not fixed.

Guys?? what hapepned

Have you seen through all of its country leaderboard?

Please make sure that you open the app( If you use windows) before launching the game. You need to play a match in Competitive/Casual to detect your profile automatically.