Tracker not syncing

this is the first time it has ever happened.

Hi @Taxphobia,

It is not a common situation in case of Valorant. Most of the previous game updates did not break the app features. However, Riot has changed some internal systems this time which is why a fix is needed now.

The issue has been fixed, the roster is available again.

It used to show hidden players names in the live match tab and doesnt anymore. I see no reason to get rid of that feature. It was fun pretending I was magic and it never caused any harm

We are currently analyzing the situation. I will let you know when we have more information (most probably, we will get it next week).

So seeing hidden players names will come back?

Please read my response here:

I have logged in on the website and it tracks my stats just fine but the Overwolf overlay will not sync to my profile. I’ve made my profile public and if it works on the website I’m not sure why the overlay will not cooperate. Any ideas here? I can’t find any settings to sign into riot on overwolf I’m at a loss here.

Hi @Camouchie,

Could you show us please what you see on the left side in the app? Could you also send us a link to your Valorant profile on our website?


If you do not see your nickname there, it usually means the app cannot detect your profile for some reason. In this case, please send us your logs to help us understand the issue:

@LostBlood I am having the same problem as @Camouchie, is this related to the newer updates? my stats track fine, but the Live Match tab sows nothing and I get no overlays.

Hi @TheRealHeavyYT,

It usually happens if your Overwolf overlay is disabled. Please make sure it is enabled in the app settings:


If it does not help, please send us your logs:

Hi, my tracker doesn’t show any of my recent matches properly. and the stats aren’t up to date but hte live match works

Hi @clappedchick3n,

Could you check if you get your up-to-date stats on our website?

Hi i do get up to date stats on the website and sometimes it’s correct on the overlay too; but most of the time it doesn’t show the most recent matches or stats

@LostBlood I’m having problems where the overlay is offset, any fix?

I have the same problem

Yea my Tracker in valorant when i press tab in a game its like missplaced and i dont know how to fix it

So i need help to fix it because i didnt find anything on youtube

Try this please: