Tracker not updating

My username is rįtual. I have a premium membership but my app is not updating. Doesn’t show any of my stats but it shows that I have 600 casual mmr and that’s it.

(Which is wrong)
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Also I should mention that this only happened after I changed my name. My old user name Armfighterrr is showing my current stats but that’s my old PlayStation username.

Hi @Benzo,

Unfortunately, Rocket League still does not support Epic Games usernames properly and you might be getting stats of somebody else.

This is your profile:

However, our website receives stats of this profile from the Rocket League API:

You might notice the difference between these usernames (letters į and i). The issue is the Rocket League API does not support your current variant and it finds a different player because of it.

The game developers are aware of this issue and we hope they will fix it in the future. Meanwhile, the only way to get your stats is to change your Epic Games username (you have to use English letters and/or digits only).

Please let us know if you have any questions.