Tracker Overlay Game Crashing

Ive been using Valorant Tracker since it came out and it has been working flawlessly, but recently, from earlier this Monday, I’ve been crashing my valorant game everytime I try to open the Overlay for Val tracker. The crashes are too frequent so I’ve decided to uninstall it for now and look up troubleshooting methods or possible solutions to it. Anyone know how to fix this or a work-around?

I am having the same issue. Today the overlays aren’t working either.

Hi @Flome @rizman92,

This issue has been fixed, Overwolf apps can no longer crash your game. In order for apps to work, make sure your Overwolf client is up-to-date. You need to be on Version or higher. If your version is below that, Open “Overwolf” > Settings > About > Check for Updates.