Tracker profile hasnt updated since vector glare

Hello I was wondering if there is a fix to this problem I have been having for years. My profiles stats can be checked on COD, Fort, but not siege. I have been playing the game daily for the last year and have no stats updated.

My profile

Issue resolved:

Is there any way to get the last couple of seasons if not no worrys this is good. Thank you.

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do. Ubisoft changed the way their API works, we can no longer update past season stats. We can’t manually change stats either.

To prevent the issue from happening in the future, you have a few options:

  1. You need to visit your profile(s) on our site after you’ve finished playing for the season.
  2. Visit your profile(s) on our site just before the next season begins. You can get reminders by joining our Discord, following us on X(Twitter) & turning on notifications.
  3. TRN Premium will automatically keep your account updated, just link your Ubisoft account to your TRN Premium account.

:+1:t3: Thank you this is good I hope my stats continue to update. I tried to have this issue solved with ankther app called GameSense Tracker and they were unable you guys did it within less than 10 hours thank you.

Some Xbox accounts get frozen sometimes, it’s a silly bug we need a proper fix for. If it get’s stuck again, just click on your permanent share link here:

Or, click the share button on your profile, then “Go there”