Tracker Streak Resets

Good day! I have a Android, Samsung Galaxy A32.

This is not the first time that my daily streak resets in Valorant. First it reset at about 10 days, then at 17±, and now 35± In general, since the addition of this function, I played matches every day and it simply could not reset, I don’t know how this happens, is this some kind of bug? And now in total I would have 70+ days of streak :frowning: But unfortunately now there is 1 day of streak(… I ask you, could you help me with this situation? You can check for yourself in my profile that I am every played at least 1 match of Valorant per day(((

Thank you for your attention and time!

This likely has to do with how we track matches for XP, which is suboptimal. I’ve seen several users recently have issues with it. We’ll work to improve the situation this week.

For now, to ensure your matches are tracked, please ensure you open the app, view your profile, and then open the XP page after that. If it still doesn’t show as being complete for the day, try again in 5 minutes.

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OK, thanks for the help! And here I saw, in another appeal of a person, that his lost streak days were returned to him, and could you also return them to me?(((I’m in the legendary division now, and I have 3 days of streak and 1.1 XP boost ((There’s no way I can stay in the same division and, of course, I won’t be able to apnut the mythical(

@sav3_me if you can provide your TRN username, yes. Your name here doesn’t match any names in our database. Or provide the platform / username you’re playing games on.

TRN name - vatmaN147
Name in Valorant - abs0lute sav3 me#147

Restored. Cheers.

Oh, thank you so much!!! :heart: