Trackergg twitch bot ISSUE

Hello, I’ve used the trackergg bot before, everything worked fine, at a certain point I unlinked it when I’ve had a bug with the “!record” command and linked it again and it never worked since then, whenever I link and authorize the bot, the first time I try it, it fails with no exception, when I do it the 2nd time, it links, then another problem arises, the bot doesnt recognize if my twitch channel is live or not, so unless I unlink it and re-link it whilst I’m live on twitch the bot doesn’t work or at the very least the “!record” command doesn’t work which is the main reason I want to use the bot and after I go offline, the bot keeps tracking my games even when I’m offline, I’ve tried re-linking everything, logged in and out of everything, even cleared cookies and cache, uninstalled my browser and nothing seems to work, can you help me somehow?