Trackergg Twitch bot league of legends username issue


I have an issue with the twitch bot… My last league of legends username was “thö” but the 06/09/2023 i decided to change it to “KC tho”.
When I link the bot with my twitch channel and i ask the bot to show me the accounts, it show my old username instead of the most recent one. The biggest issue is whenever someone does “!profile” or “!rank” it doesn’t work cause the link it gives isn’t working cause the account with this username doesn’t exist anymore !

Any idea on how to solve this ?


Hey, please relink your riot account on this page. You may have to reinvite the twitch bot afterwards too.


Hi, thanks for the quick answer but I have already tried this. Just in case I have reattempted it but it still doesn’t work…

The issue is that i have changed my ingame username and since even if i refresh the bot it can’t find my new username… so it keeps posting wrong url and wrong data.

On the page I linked above, it says your Riot account is tho#KCORP, this isn’t your current username correct? Is that your Valorant account perhaps?

No I am talking about my League of Legends account, “tho#KCORP” is my current RIOT account username. But you can change your League of Legends username inside the game itself (which I did and now is KC tho) and the issue come from there: “thö” and “KC tho” accounts are the same account originating from “tho#KCORP” RIOT account, “thö” is my previous username and “KC tho” is my new one since 06/09/2023.

My “Summoner Name” was thö but now it’s KC tho but the bot still recognize that the linked account with “tho#KCORP” is thö.

Here’s what the bot says

Hi @thotv!

Thanks for reaching out. Try running !trackergg add riot {your username here}. From there, you can remove your old username by doing !trackergg remove riot {your username here}.

We will look into why this doesn’t automatically happen, but the issue should be resolved regardless when Riot moves over to using Riot accounts instead of summoner names.

Thanks it worked out !