Trn app wont work

im on ios and my r6 rtacker isnt working

Hi @Lxctures,

Please provide more information about your issue. Otherwise, we cannot help.

What exactly does not work? What are you trying to do?

My username is coldrelic85 and none of my stats are working. I’m on the game right now like it said and even linked my accounts but, it’s still not tracking my stats

Hi @coldrelic85,

Please be more specific. We do not know what game you play and what platform you use which is why we cannot give you clear answers at the moment.

My mistake. I’m on Fortnite on Playstation. No stats are working for Coldrelic85

I’m trying to access the TRN network app on my IOS device and the second i boot it up it goes to a grey screen, completely blank. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app twice now with the same issue. Any fixes?

Hey @Beemii

Could you provide me your iOS device model and the iOS version its running?