Twitch Bot Not Working

Everytime I do !profile or !rank in my twitch chat it says Couldn’t find account for VALORANT. If you have not linked a Riot Games account, link one here, despite me already having linked my riot games account to my tracker network account? It’s present in linked accounts, I can see my stats normally on the tracker website.

@EVoMVP Can you confirm this is your account? EVo#0922’s Competitive Multiplayer Overview - Valorant Tracker

Timing may be tricky but when you are next streaming either @ me on Twitter @LewieJay with your stream link and this ticket or ping me via email [email protected]

I’ll do my best to drop by and see if I can assist with the issue

Thanks but it’s now working! I’m not sure if it just needed some time to catch up on the backend but after a day of waiting it’s now fully functional, thanks for the reply though!