Unable to Link Valorant Account to Discord - Resolved

I wanted to link my valorant profile to the valorant discord, so I clicked the link sent by the bot. I clicked grant access, entered my riot credentials and the error Unable to Get Stats showed up. The error code was unknown-401.

Update: I tried again and it gave me error code “unknown-500”. After one more try, it successfully worked. Thank you TRN devs. :slight_smile:

Hi @asiantigerx,

Your profile should be available now. Could you check again please?

Im also getting this issue, cant link my valorant account to discord for the lfg discord

I am also getting this issue, any way I can get this fixed?

same issue :frowning: I think they are working on it though

Samd thing is happening to me can someone help me please

The issue is now fixed, thank you. @LostBlood

its still not fixed for me, would be happy if you fix it to

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@Saph000 I had a TRN account with my discord and riot linked to it when I tired, maybe you should try that.

i also have this same issue, i get the same notification and can’t link my valorant profile to the discord or sign-in to my riot id on the tracker.

same issue can’t get it linked