Unable to locate or track account

Hello, i am currently on PC, using steam to play Apex. my in game name is “Bong” with a group clan tag. won’t post the clantag because don’t want to be targeted.

but if my profile can be found or anything i can do to look at my stats would be well appreciated!!! thank you so much
if it helps, i’ve been playing Bangalore for the past six days straight, with on and off seer. Used to play a lot of bloodhound before went offline for a while. thank you, have a great day!!

did you try looking up the Origin username instead

yes that is my origin username. i understand steam is not connected to apex
my steam name is slightly modified from “Bong”
my Apex /Origin account name is “Bong”
thank you!!

if anyone knows, or any support knows our next step, it would be much appreciated to get that ball rolling. thank you again, y’all have a good day