Unacceptable mulfunction in displaying account profile

What the hell is this??
When I open the app, and this came up. i don’t know such a dirty name account (not precise translation but it’s like “pores nerd#asshole nerd”) but shown as mine. OF COURSE NOT MINE. Additionally, ad is also obscene.

Are you joking me TRN??? Damn dude.

Your name shows as まこりる#低気圧嫌い in our database. Did you perhaps have an old account linked to your TRN account previously?

We’re not really in charge of ads, those are ads are deemed “appropriate” by Admob (Google) and it’s mostly out of our control.

OK, ads are just ads.
And relieved to hear that my name is registered correctly in your DB.

But… again, the same thing happened; someone’s account was showed as my profile

I only have one TRN account, and also one account each for VALORANT and APEX. There should be no reason to get confused with another.
Pulled down, reloaded, and display has changed to mine though, why such these happen often??

Again and again and…again!! I cannot check my stats on app startup!! Why such thing continues? Does’t any other user face this?