Using Tracker with Spreadsheets

I’ve been using R6 Tracker for some time now, and I’ve been considering importing data from individual matches into spreadsheets to try and draw some conclusions about my gameplay. For instance, if I continuously underperform on Consulate as Lesion, maybe I should try another operator.
What I wanted to know is: Is there a detailed view for each round or each match that I can access in order to compile this data?

Hi @ArmyBox1,

We have introduced a new way to track your matches recently. You can see an example on this page:

Does it include the data you need? Please note that you need to use our app to get such match reports (

Is there a way to view these match reports via a webpage if I have the app? I’ve found the match reports on the app, but I can’t find the match reports on my website profile, and that’s kind of key to the idea of automatically loading stats into a spreadsheet.

Yes, the match reports should appear on the website too. Could you send us a link to your profile on our website to help us verify the issue?