Valorant Account Flag

Good day,

if the user has a flag in the app, does that mean that he lives in this country or can he set it himself?
or how is the flag selected?

Many Thanks![IMG_8974|690x357](upload://oYy8b3R31Jkj1VEbah82fovZjvu.jpeg)

Go to geo settings and update your location, allow for 24 hours to update.

Hi @Henning1421,

The country flags are based on the geo settings in their Tracker Network profiles. A person may live in one country but have a flag of a different country.

I’ve also run into this problem, I changed my GEO Settings months ago and it’s still not updating on my Valorant Profile. Any fix?

Can you check your Riot Username is up-to-date on this page? If it’s not, please relink the account, and update your geo-settings again.