Valorant in game overlay not working (1.9 MB)
when i press tab to see the timeline of the game, nothing pops up but i can see match history of my teammates in queue

Hi, this was due to the game update last night. The service status should have been amber, but was slow to update.

Hopefully resolved today.


Hello, the service status still shows as green and I can see career stats, but the in game stats are not loading. Is this completely resolved or should it still be amber?

Hi, please close your game and restart Overwolf, it’s likely you’re still on an old version.

Guide to help:

I just did this and it didn’t help. I also uninstalled Overwolf and the mods, rebooted my computer, reinstalled them and then launched the apps then valorant with the same issue.

I can see everyone’s career stats but not their match stats

Please can you provide your app logs, we’ll be able to determine the cause of the issue.


I rebooted again and started playing and its now all working! Thanks for following up in this random thread, I should have started my own but I appreciate you!

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