Valorant stats is still updating even after unlink

Hello My account name is MagisToR433#EUW and i have unlinked my riot id from here. Also I have sent email before to ask them to remove my account which was linked to and they said they have done it and also made my profile private.
But the stats are still getting updated. All my match history and my friends are still being shown and i don’t want that to happen. I need a permanent solution to either remove my valorant id from database altogether or if its not possible I want it completely hidden even when my account name is searched. I don’t want others to keep track of what I’m doing and who i am playing with.
You guys are the only one who could help me with my issue. They clearly said that my account is not linked but my match history still gets updated and it is still “PUBLIC”. Heck even someone even said that I played with someone for 14 matches and his name as well.
Either please remove my match history and stats along with the riot account names which I’ll say since they can simply see my profile when they search my old IGN. If not make “who i teamed up with” as PRIVATE and make my entire profile private which I already did before. I can show you the email sent to you as well during previous support help.