Valorant Tracker ain't registering my ADR with raze

I’ve found out recently that the damage for my games with raze and raze only for some reason have a lower ADR in Valorant Tracker than in game, here’s an example of an game where the adr doesn’t match it at all, while it does in other characters

Maybe it has something to do with Raze’s abilities? but it is kinda weird tbh

The ADR values in-game are wrong. We correct for the issues. If I remeber correctly, we don’t count any team damage caused by the abilities.

So, abilities thrown don’t count towards adr?, and I barely do any team damage as far as i can see, at most like 50-100 damage per game, not enough to affect the adr so much to the point where there’s 50-100 adr difference

In addition, if you plant the spike and if you or other players die to the bomb, the game incorrectly rewards you 999 damage for each kill. We correct this error.