Valorant Tracker App not working

The App isn’t working or detecting the game. Just shows New Agent and the top right for the server, it shows red and “In-Game features are not available at the moment.”

Hi @llljjj806,

Thank you for your report. The app stopped working after the recent game patch, we are aware of it and working on a fix right now (we hope it will be released today or tomorrow).


We released a fix today, the app should work now.

La app no me funciona me da error o no detecta el juego solo muestra lo que esta en la imagen tengo el valorant abierto y sigue sin funcionar

Same Issue.

It isn’t syncing to my profile. I made it public and can view it through the website but I can not view it in the app itself. Even though I have played two games with the tracker open.

Hi @AndiPandi94,

Please make sure you open the app before launching the game and your nickname is visible during a match. If it is hidden, you need to open your privacy settings and switch them to “Off”:

In addition to it, please make sure the Overwolf Overlay is enabled in the app settings:


If it does not help, please send us your logs:

My Val tracker keeps on asking me to authenticate/allow app to make changes to my device do you know how to fix this?

Hi @Ur_homie_cuh,

Do you mean our mobile app? Do you have a screenshot for us?