Valorant Tracker Division problem

So in the Tracker Network app in the Valorant category there is a Series and you need to collect xp basically play games to earn. So i grind everyday and rank up in divisions until 2 days ago. Where I should rank up to Legend Division. Somehow i didn’t rank up though I had enough and was 1 place in the leaderboard. I had played so much that second place was over 1k xp behind. So should be Legend at the moment. The program isnt bad or anything i just want to improve it by giving feedback.

I’m able to see your XP logs and they are impressive! I’m not sure what happened last Sunday but your XP division update never happened. (If you are someone else reading this and this also happened to you, please reply here.) It may have something to do with Daylight Savings Time happening at the same time. Anyway, definitely a bug on our end. I have updated your XP tier to Legend and granted the award. Congrats! Please let me know if everything works smoothly at the end of this week.

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