Valorant Tracker revoke not working

Hello! I keep trying to make my profile private however it keeps failing & I am still able to view my profile. What should I do?

Hi, did you allow 10 minutes before checking your profile?

Note, if you’re immortal+, you can’t hide your competitive stats.
Additionally, everyone’s Premier (the game mode) stats are public.

Yepp I did and it’s still public! I’m only silver 1 & I haven’t played the premier mode before.

If you have multiple Riot accounts, did you make sure you were logged into the correct account on before revoking your profile from our site? You could have made your alt account’s stats private instead, for example?

If that is not the case, please share your Riot Name and ID and we’ll look into it and check there is no error on our part.

I Have no alt accounts so I don’t think that’s the case! My riot name & ID is: Чернобог #зверь

The issue was resolved.