We could not fetch event results / user cannot be reached at the moment

Hi. Can’t use Fortnite tracker overwolf app because of errors described in title. It’s happens every time I’m using the app. If I’m using the site to check stats, it works perfectly.
Addition: If I’m enabling VPN, tracker app starts working, but it’s affects gameplay. Logs attached.
Seems like a problem with my country or something because I live in Russia and maybe this is some sort of restrictions and maybe problem with DNS providers.
I tried to solve the problem myself using wiresock for connecting a specific app (tracker) through VPN, but it isn’t the best solution.

For example, in logs you can find profile named “punochka”, which available at the site, but isn’t available at tracker application

Can’t upload log using direct site function, and uploaded on UPLOAD.EE - AppLogs_2023-02-04_18-00-13.zip - Download

Screenshots of errors:


Also opening api url I got from log for any user I see no error in browser, if this matter

Is there somebody who got that issue too?