We could not find player on Origin

I have set game to show stat’s, I have also set Origin to share profile and achievements, yet I still get “We could not find player Burj on Origin”


Having looked at the EA desktop application no account is visible/searchable under the username ‘Burj’

Can you please log into your Origin account here: Origin and double check your Origin ID for me please? This should appear on the bottom left of your page.

You can also view your account details (once signed in) here: Customer Portal (ea.com)

Here is my example of the customer portal page.

We only need your EA ID nothing more :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting back to me.
I’m unable to attach any media here yet as I’m a new user, links below

I purchased the game through steam if that makes any difference but I’ve also set steam to public.

@burjar This may be a little long-winded but given BF2042 is new for us I really want to dig into these issues.

Do you have time to add ‘TrackerOfApex’ as a friend on EA; this will allow me to see your username and any set nicknames and narrow down these problems which will also help other players in future!

If it’s not possible no worries! We’re still going to try to get your problem fixed but this would be great.

Thank you


No worries, done.
Thanks for looking into it for me.
it would only be 24 hours since setting everything to public again, so it could take a while to update with Origin/EA maybe

If you’re still having issues tomorrow (or whenever you next check back) please let us know!

Thank you

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Still getting “We could not find player Burj on Origin”

We’re still looking into it; I note your Origin Game library doesn’t include BF2042 however this is because you play on Steam.

Are you very confident this is the correct linked account?

100%. that’s weird, screens of linked accounts and 2042 showing in Origin with steam logo on it.
I’ve added it as a non Origin game by adding the BF2042 app in the steamapps file.


Thanks, it’s sorted now. not sure if you found any issues on your end but all I had done over the past few days was…

  1. To add 2042 and 2042_launcher as non Origin game
    C:Program Files(x86)>Steam>SteamApps>common>Battlefield 2042

  2. Deleted PROSAVE and PROSAVE_profile in Documents>Battlefield 2042>settings
    then validated local files in steam. This reset all settings and key binds, I had to redo the tutorial capping flags against AI but I did get a screen about stats that I hadn’t seen before.

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