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The application of trackers has not been bad lol but it seems to me that I lack a lot of information regarding what skills to upload, when the healings will come out in Aram or even what path to take with each champion in the jungle and the appearance of the jungle With a counter on top, I would have also liked it not to ask me if I want to put the runes in each game with each character, but rather to put it directly as in many applications and the best items to do with each champion, but to put it in the middle of the game with only at the beginning and the difference in gold between each one with their line and the difference in gold in each team. The application has not been bad but I noticed that I was missing things, which should be improved. all the best

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to share more info based on everything you said.

  1. What skills to upload: When you are holding the tab key, we have a guide that updates each level for what skills to upload. Did you mean something else?

  2. Jungle path - Unfortunately not in the plan currently to have that kind of guide. If you mean, the jungle timers feature that most apps have, this is not something that Riot is allowing third-party apps to support anymore and apps should remove those soon.

  3. ARAM widgets (Aram healing timer) - we can look into it. Adding to our list.

  4. Did you mean that it will automatically put the suggested runes/build from the app to the launcher? I guess we can look into that option.

  5. The difference of gold between each team is something the Riot is not allowing and should be disabled soon by the apps that support it.

  6. “but to put it in the middle of the game with only at the beginning” - can you please share more on what did you mean here?

Thank you!

Auto-import build was just added to the app with a new update we released. Hope you like the recent changes and improvements!