Who Cosmic as name of any Rocket League stats results

Good morning, I have a problem with the Rocket League stats API. Why do they show “Who Cosmic” as the name of any player I request?
I know there is no public API for it, but I needed just for a Telegram Bot to show stats etc. It worked for a few weeks and now any player I request result in this name, what does it mean?

If you want to try my Telegram Bot it’s open soruce, that’s my GitHub link: GitHub - NeleB54Gold/RocketLeagueStatsBot: With this Telegram Bot you can find statistics about Rocket League players!

I’m seeing the same thing. The crazy thing is that if you use chromes inspector you can see that it actually gets correct calls when making the requests to the same uris.

Feels like this is some sort of cloudflare protection that is being used.

No, I don’t think it’s a cloudflare protection, because it’s showing some results, but it’s the wrong one. It’s a website related thing, they need to preserve the API, its use is for the website only, not just for any use like a public API.
If you change the platform it will show that you requested like “Who Cosmic_2” for Steam, and a Not found will be returned.

Hi @NeleB54Gold,

Thank you for your interest in our APIs. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for our Rocket League APIs as Psyonix policies do not allow us to provide access to them.

I hope you will be able to receive a positive response from Psyonix to continue working on your project with their official tools.

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