Why do so many lifetime stats show absolute values?

Personally, the only stat in the lifetime section which is useful to me is the goal shot ratio. Ranking people by total number of goals, saves etc means the same to me as ranking people by playtime.

Player A has 100 games and 500 saves
Player B has 100,000 games and 10,000 saves

Player A would see that they’re somewhere around the bottom of saves, while player B would see that they’re around top 10% or so, even though player A clearly has a superior defense compared to player B

Wouldn’t it make much more sense to have leaderboards for relative values?

There is already goal / shot ratio, so why not:
average number of goals / game
average number of assists / game
average number of saves / game

Hi @timmeey86,

Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to get the number of games a user has ever played.

You may see some average stats on the “Skill Rating” page but they are not precise and they are limited to ranked playlists: