Why does the browser desktop app update faster?

I have premium as well but the phone app still dosent have all my games up to date in “view report”. But the browser version does when i look at it on my pc

Hi, are you talking about this report? The matches that show up when you press this button?
Am aware the example I’ve shown is not Halo Infinite.

Are recent matches showing up in this report, but missing a few? Or does it show matches from a long
time ago?

If you could add more detail/ screenshots, that would be helpful, thanks.

Am assuming all the matches appear correctly on the “Matches” page on the mobile app?

yes thats exactly it my view report as of this morning still does not line up with the desktop version and these games were from a few days ago …I just checked and seems as if the desktop version of view report is gone,It was there before but maybe it goes away after a few days because those games are a couple days old… but on the app its still there and dosent line up with my games CabelTron’s Profile Overview - Halo Infinite Tracker (halotracker.com)

This is what it looks like on my app it’s not up to date