Win percentage is showing incorrectly

the win percentage is showing incorrectly for valorant. it might have occured after the recent change to ties though im not 100% sure.

you may want to take into account the Deathmatch wins can effect the win-rate of all agents. deathmatch is far faster played than regular games and presumably takes into account the fact that an agent is played in a death match, so they take that and put it into the percentage score for the win rate of that agent, and because there is only one winner in a deathmatch there are far more down sizes to the agents that were also in the game but did not win. i beleive that taking away the Deathmatch Winrate and Excalation winrate would be an efficient fix, you can still leave the Hs percentage and damage counts but the winrate should not be affected by Deathmatch or escalation.

Hi @specialknum7,

The win percentage takes into account the total number of matches you played (wins, losses, ties). It is probably the reason why this value looks incorrect.

Yes I understand that it takes this into account, however it should not be this low as ties (though they happen in competitive) are very uncommon. I believe that the app may take into account every game a person plays (aside from customs) and add it to the graph, this brings me back to the fact that the deathmatches for every agent may also be put into the chart for all Agent Win-rates. I ask that you might add a feature where win rates for Deathmatch are shown in a separate Category when viewing Agent Win-Rates, or just label a simple win rate for all deathmatches because if I’m being brutally honest, the agent does not matter in a game such a deathmatch or escalation where there is no abilities used, thus making every agent in that game the exact same, so there should also not be a difference in Win Rates because only one person wins a deathmatch and 11 other agents lose a percentage. Escalation ill leave alone because I don’t know what the percentage on it displays, though I will say that it could because in escalation you get an agent that is owned by yourself, so agents that are not owned by beginning players such as Astra, will most likely get a lower percentage from this as well. Again, I am simply pointing this out to alert you to the systems current state. Thank you for your time.

We do not mix Deathmatch stats with stats in other game modes. If you check our website or app, you will see there is a mode selector: