Wins percentage

It looks like the win percentage is not correct or i missed something.
I got 5,790 Matches In total.
2,827 was wins
2,564 was loses
Together gives 5.391 matches
The total shown is 5790 not the 5391.
If i calculate right my wins should be at 52%
But probably im complete wrong in my expextations.
Thank you for your help.

can you link your profile

I updated my profile can you please check again?

I just noticed the same. My win % is showing as 38.1% in the Modern Warfare overlay, but my win % as per the call of duty site is 55.7%.
1099 wins
873 losses
1,972 total matches, making a W/L ratio of 1.26.

However, I also just noticed that the call of duty site says my total matches is 2,881 which would make the 38.1% accurate, but I’m guessing they are non-result matches from joining halfway through which the game says “won’t count towards your stats”. I think you should change the way you calculate your win % as I typically do win more than 50% of matches and the W/L ratio of 1.26 is far more accurate and valuable to me than an incorrect win % calculated from matches not fully completed.