Won't track my stats

I’ve been playing pretty consistently since 2020 on Xbox then transitioned to pc later on but my epic games account “love fendi” stats aren’t on the tracker. My rocket league tracker shows my live matches correctly but doesn’t display any stats correctly. My in-game wins are well over 4000 but the tracker only says 298 and doesn’t get updated at all. It doesn’t display any recent matches either. My most recent match according to the tracker is in December last year, which isn’t true since I play every day. Funny thing is that if I look up my Xbox account “ykha” it shows my current rank that I have on my epic games account. Maybe it’s because my accounts are linked? I’m not sure that would make sense since it shows something completely different on my epic games account instead of having no stats or just not showing but it does show and has weird stats. I don’t play on console anymore since my Xbox doesn’t work so it shouldn’t say my Xbox account has any recent matches or have the current rank that I have. I haven’t played on Xbox since my pc transition.