Wrong KAST for game

I had a recent game whereby the KAST is supposed to be 62.5% minimum but its calculated as 58.4%

Basd on the first picture, by right i have 11 rounds with kills, and another 4 rounds where i did not get a kill but I survived so shouldnt it be 15/24, which is 62.5%. I cannot remember if i got an assist on other rounds but this is how i calculated.

This isnt the only game with stats messed up, with many of this season’s games i have noticed with the wrong average damage per round. Alot lesser than the shown damage per round in the valorant summary.

From these 2 pictures above, the first shows my ADR is 243.3

However, the valorant summary puts 307 Damage per round.

Please send the URLs to the match reports where you believe the KAST has been calculated incorrectly. You can do that by finding the match on our site, opening it in a new tab, then copying the URL.

As the the ADR issue, the match report in-game is actually incorrect, we apply the corrections on our side.


The match details are above.

By right KAST is showing 14/24 rounds on your website.
Calculated correct rounds are 15/24 rounds, which is 62.5%
The thing is, this might or might not be the only game but i never realise until now.

As for the ADR report, thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

Hello im still waiting for a reply bro

Invstigating the cause, thanks for sending the match report over.

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No problem, let me know when its done. :slight_smile:

There was an edge case that has been fixed going forward

Ok, thank you so much :))