Wrong mmr in Peak Ratings stats in Rocket League Tracker

So my steam tracker shows that my 1s peak is 1505, 2s peak is 2008, 3s peak is 2102 (which is correct)
The same account but epicgames tracker shows that my 1s peak is 1567 (which is correct), 2s peak is 2022, 3s peak is 1882.
Neither steam and epic show 2s peak correctly. It should be about 2080.
Also my stats bugged after last tracket update (with peak rating) in a few seasons. Look at screenshots
Why did it happen after last update? Is it possible to unite stats or fix it?
my steam id is nerm1k, my epicgames is ToxicAndLonely

Unfortunately we can’t do this, we’re are fully aware of these inaccuracies and issues but we decided to go live w/ this feature in hopes it’s better than nothing. To make your stats the most accurate in the future, update all your profiles often and your peaks will be recorded better.

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i mean what is the point to add new feature if it doesnt work properly? Moreover it even broke some of my prev stats forever

It’s still useful to some users. We didn’t break any old stats. What are you saying is bugged?

it is useful true, but last update actually broke my stats. It happend to s5(19) and s6(20). Look at the screenshots. Stats from epicgames account are correct while steam stats got broken.

We didn’t change that data, was it correct before?

yes it was correct. I found a screenshot (we can’t see a nickname but it is the same steam tracker from s5(19))

Moreover you have fixed it before S5(19) erased all my games

so it is not gonna be fixed? 2 of my seasons just got “deleted”

We found the issue, it should be fixed by tomorrow. Thanks for reporting!

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