Wrong rank shown (Immortal 1/2)

There seems to be some kind of oversight when it comes to how the ranks work in Immortal+.

Right now, on a Tracker.gg profile, Immortal 98RR is showing up as Immortal 1, when in fact it is Immortal 2. The correct ranks are as follows:

Immortal 1: 0 - 89RR
Immortal 2: 90 - 199RR
Immortal 3: 200 - 299RR
Radiant : 300RR+ AND in the top 500 in that region.

Yes going from Immortal 1 to Immortal 2 only requres 90RR instead of 100RR for some reason.
Proof in game:

Hi @whatsup1827,

Thank you for your report. It was an unexpected change for us and we are working on a fix now.

Could you check please whether your rank is correct on the website now?

It is working now. Thank you for the quick response.

It is broken again. It was working earlier.

can you make sure your leaderboard position is not anonymized