Wrong ratings displayed


it shows wrong peak rating on my tracker profile, could you please change it manually?


You can even see my peak rank was in fact one act after the one displayed on my profile.

My current rating for E6:A2 also appears to not update correctly. I have reached Immo 2 with 115 RR but still shows as Immo 1. (Leaderboard is public btw)


Hi, we can’t manually change ranks, however your profile is currently private on our site so I can’t check whether you have anonymized yourself on the official leaderboards in-game.

If you have the red triangle next to your current rank (https://i.imgur.com/ZQgMZcS.png)? In order for us to obtain your current and future peak ranks correctly, you need to turn off “anonymous” mode on the leaderboard page in-game (https://i.imgur.com/zJ4aLFZ.png). If this option was already disabled and the red triangle is still showing on your profile after an hour, you should toggle the anonymize feature on and off and wait again.

I’m not sure if it will correct past acts.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

My profile went private due to the rank being reset after the current act ended. I totally forgot about that.
It’s public again and in the leaderboard im not anomized so it should show as well.

I think it’s just not refreshing properly…Will check again in some time.