Wrong rocket league stats

Hi everyone so i got a problem with my rocket league stats on website
i got 2782 wins on my account but for some reason it shows only like 1300 wins does anyone know fix for that? its not just for wins its abt all stats

Ive had the same issue ever since I started Tracker Network, my peak ranks are way off and some stats are close but most make no sense. As far as i know the site/app is just garbage. Dont know how to fix it

By chance have you ever linked/unlinked platforms within the game?

We noted recently that some profiles would show inaccurate stats versus what they see in-game if they had swapped platforms; it’s a rather complex issue and we have reached out to Phyonix for comments on this.

The data on your profile is accurate to what we see on the back-end; the issue is that data can be wrong for a small % of users.

If you can screenshot and send me over all of your linked account details (usernames) and confirm which platform you spent the most time on this would really help.

You can see your linked accounts for RL here: Epic Games Account Linking (rocketleague.com)

If you can do this + photo of your in-game stats that would be great.

Thank you

hi yeah that happened when my account got hacked like 2 3 times and someone unliked everything and i haved to link again

most time i spend on pc
i used to play on ps4 2020-2022 then switched to pc