Wrong Timeline UI

The resolution of both the game and the system is 1920*1080 16:9
The scale is 125%

Hi, would you mind restarting your PC and checking again?

The horizontal alignment should be correct on this resolution and scaling, as far I know. The vertical alignment will be incorrect whilst in the range, as we just align based on full scoreboard (which has 10 players).

If there are still issues after a PC restart, please screenshot the values shown here + resolution settings shown in-game.

This problem has been bothering me for several months. I managed to solve it by adjusting “High DPI scaling override” to “System”, but this caused problems with scaling in other trn ​​programs.

I just demonstrated it on the training ground, and the same problem occurs in a normal 10-player match.

I’ve looked into this further, yes, this is an issue on our side. We’ll fix it, thank you for reporting.

Looking forward to your good news

I’ve found the problem. This software only supports 100% scale. If you change it to 125%, the timeline will be incorrectly positioned. Changing the scale to 100% will solve the problem. If you feel that the font size is too small. The text size can be changed to 125%.
Your software currently only supports 100% scaling, changing to 125% will cause bugs, please improve this in time.