Your service got my Valorant account banned

Your website claims that the tracker is free and is NOT bannable by Valorant. My ONLY valorant account got banned and deleted INSTANTLY. I had spent THOUSANDS of hours on that account. They said it was due to use of a “third party service” or a “tracker”. The ONLY third party app I could think of was Valorant Tracker that got installed with Outplayed by Overwolf. I demand that you compensate me for my loss.


Sorry to hear about your account getting banned, but it won’t have been caused by our app. We utilize the Overwolf platform which is safe to use, you can read more here. We also have approved API access from Riot Games, they are aware of everything we’re doing, and have a great relationship with them.

I’d advice speaking to Riot’s support to get the issue resolved.

Your product claims to be safe to use. If it indeed isn’t bannable then how did my account get banned? I asked riot about it and they mentioned third party apps and trackers as a reason for the ban. Your product is the only third party app i use on my system for valorant. If it’s not too much to ask as a user of your services, your team needs to investigate this matter by getting through to Riot so that you can improve your product, so that in the future nobody’s account gets banned. I know you’ll pretty much leave me be, but if you’re willing to help, please do. Regards