Apex Legend stats not updated,

The stats on my TRN profile is outdated and hasn’t been updating in quite some time now. It still shows I have 1k+ kills with Loba when I actually have 3k+. The other stats are also wrong. The only stats updating is my Rank.

How do I fix this?

Hi @karla85_ZA,

Could you read this article and check that you are using default stat banners to update your stats on the website?

If it still does not work, please let us know.

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I will try that as I know I don’t have the standard trackers equipped. Thanks for the speedy reply. Will let you know if it worked.

@karla85_ZA all good?

hey can you please help me I’ve been waiting for support for about a week or two now I would like my name to be on the leaderboards I have 2k wraith kills on PC my origin is CalmLikeAj I been trying to get on the arena leaderboards but nobody will update it please help

@LJM this message i just sent was for you if you could get back to me I would appreciate it

@CalmLikeAj You’re on the correct leaderboards

Origin Arena Kills Leaderboard - Apex Legends Tracker

Currently position #383 at the time of this reply

Hi LJM, I’ve quipped the standard trackers for kills and damage but it has not yet updated on my profile or leaderboard :frowning:

im usa… and i put my banner there but its not showing up so I’m not in the correct zone where I wanted to be in the united states arenas

It is now updated LJM, Thank You.


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