Can not find my Origin name


I want to claim my Apex profile, but when I try to link Origin to my TRN account it says “The EA name you provided could not be found, please check your spelling.” I am sure the spelling is right.


We’ve seen an increase of this exact issue starting a couple of days ago; it’s on the radar and hopefully, we’ll have an update soon.

Just to assist with this can you please confirm your current Origin ID?

Thank you


thanks for responding. My current Origin ID is: T4urus

T4urus’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

To ensure your stats are accurate read this for information on how trackers work! :slight_smile: - ALL ‘MY STATS ARE INACCURATE’ Questions here - Apex Legends - Tracker Network

Hi there! I’m having this issue too. Was there anything I can do to fix this or do staff have to do something? My EA ID is Slugnth if that helps.

The trackers are working fine I think, the problem is I cannot link to my Origin account, as it says it doesn’t exist. Therefore I cannot be on regional leaderboards and that is the issue I was hoping to be fixed. Either way thank you for helping.

@Slugnth Did you recently change your ID?

I can find your account on the EA portal but something isn’t quite working on the Apex side.

Thank you

@Danny753 Can you let me know your Origin ID; i know EA are having some issues with usernames lately but i’ll try help

Thank you