Can’t find my apex stats

my username is o0ljxdel0o on xbox and i’ve had this issue for a couple weeks. i can’t find my name at all on the apex stat tracker

Hi @o0ljxdel0o,

Is it your profile?

I have no stats in it I’ve been playing the game since season 1 can someone help me please Name: Killerberlin007

What platform are you on?

My Plattform Xbox s Serie


Please read this article:

Most probably, you are using wrong banners which is why we cannot update any of your stats.

What can I change so that I can set the statistics so that you can see them

See the above article :slight_smile:

(Short version = Use standard trackers in-game, not ones that came from collection events)

Unfortunately, I don’t understand anything about it because I don’t have that much of a clue, but it’s a shame that you can’t see my statistics :pensive:

ok but what does that have to do with my statistics can you help me to set it up so that you can see my statistics :+1:

On the left is an example of trackers that currently do not work (Note the artwork); we require that you play with ‘standard’ trackers that are given to legends at launch (See the right side)

  • We can only update one legend at a time; and this will be your currently selected legend
  • We can only update active and equipped trackers


Hi I am also not seeing any of my stats on any of the leaderboards. my name is El_Venenoide on Orgin and I’ve linked my Steam act AtoneGrim I have all the correct banners equipped to my legend and I have tried to update the leaderboards and still nothing. please advise.