Can't load profile in R6

Linked ubisoft account, but app showing old nickname so it gives an error that the profile was not found

Hi @Iolank,

Please open the app settings and select the “Unlink Profile From App” option. You should be able to update your linked account in the app then.

It’s not working. I even recreated my account and relinked my ubisoft account, but it didn’t help.

Hey @Iolank!

What is the old and new username of your Ubisoft account?


old - tq_r1ken
new - pomoyka6

Hey @Iolank!

Can you go here and remove your Ubisoft account and then add it again?

Let me know if it works!

It doesn’t help, I’ve done it several times

Hey @Iolank!

After looking into this issue more, we believe that you can try and re-link your Ubisoft account again. Let us know if it works now.

Now it’s working

Glad to hear it! I’ll be closing this thread now.

For future readers, if you have a similar issue, please open a new thread.