Does anybody else's stats get padded or is it just me?

I played an ongoing casual match and went 3-0 but when I looked on the website it said I was 6-6 in one match but that’s not possible, does this happen to anybody else or is it just me???

Hi @CapWebsite,

Please note that your match history on the website does not represent real matches. We will show a new match in your profile only if some of your stats changed (e.g., kills or deaths). As a result, there might be “grouped matches” in your profile when we show a single match that represents your stats in multiple matches.

If you want to avoid it, please keep the website open while you play. You can also become a Premium member ( In this case, the website will update your stats automatically to avoid grouped matches.

I had 3 seperate tabs that said win, loss, win but the loss one said 6 deaths and it said I played 3 matches so I’m confused