Everything but live match tracker works

Hello I have tried all the recommended troubleshooting methods but still can not seem to get my live tracker working. I have been trying all day please help! :frowning:


Please can you provide your app logs, we’ll be able to determine the cause and fix the issue.


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AppLogs_2023-09-28_10-34-05.zip (519.3 KB)

Thanks for your logs, in order to solve the issue I’ll require another file from you.

Please can you send me you RainbowSix.exe file in this exact location?
If you press Windows Key + R and enter:
%localappdata%\Ubisoft\r6siege\Y8S3.2.0_C7809642_D1826489_S53994_61856269\591831789, you’ll see the right file.

If you need to send through mediafire.com, that’s fine.

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Thank you, I’ve forwarded to Overwolf. I’ll do my best to keep you updated, could be 1-2 days, depends on complexity.

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thanks a lot!

This issue should be resolved.

For future readers, the solution has been posted in our discord.

Once you’ve joined, solution is here: https://discord.com/channels/182627744771866624/1156393072775659540/1157069561707900959