Inaccurate stats reported


Here is my PC profile : Edorak's R6: Siege Stats - Rainbow Six Siege Tracker.

I have an interesting situation happening with how my stats are reported on R6 tracker.
I recently posted here (Issue with how stats are reported (R6 Tracker)) - no one answered, however I realized after a few hours that everything was fixed and reporting as normal. Now, for some reason, the issue came back this morning.

Basically, all the stats reported in ‘Lifetime Overview’ are not making sense at all/are extremely inflated. For example, it’s showing that I’ve played 4.4k Ranked matches, which doesn’t make sense when you add up all of the matches I’ve played in ‘Seasons’ tab (it’s not even close to 500 total). It’s also reporting 38.8k deaths, which is a totally absurd number.

At first, I thought that it was also calculating stats from my old Xbox profile (Edorak's R6: Siege Stats - Rainbow Six Siege Tracker), but I’ve read from a Moderator here that Ubisoft doesn’t ‘link’ stats cross-platform. Furthermore, the stats reported still don’t add up with the ones on PC (and not even close).

Just to be clear again, this issue seemed to be fixed at some point yesterday and the day before that, everything was reporting as it should, and now it’s back. It’s ONLY affecting the ‘Lifetime Overview’ stats as far as I know.

Thank you for taking the time looking into this.

Hi @Edorak,

Thank you for your updated report! We did see your previous post and we are still looking into this issue. We hope to resolve it soon.

Hi LostBlood,

Thank you for the fast answer. Will keep an eye on the thread for updates!

Adding this to the thread in case it can help.
The first picture shows the correct stats, everything is making sense (taken this morning).
The second one is the inflated, incorrect ones (taken a few minutes ago). I’m realizing now that the current season Overview also doesn’t make sense now (since my correct RP is around 2.2k at the moment).
They seem to go back and forth from time to time? It’s really strange.